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    It’s membership time again! Ontario Voyageurs Kayak Club (and Canoe) is based in Toronto, but we have members all over Ontario and even a couple in the US.

    There is a trip every weekend from March to October ranging from class 2 to 5. If you’d like more information or would like to join, please send me a PM.


    King of the Clubs


    Choose your club wisely!!!!!

    Because on Labor Day Weekend (Saturday Sept 5th) King of the Clubs will taking place at the Ottawa River. Whitewater Clubs will compete for top honor to be “King of the Clubsâ€


    Kevin M

    The terms should be thrown their hats into the ring. Or in this case helmets

    Throwing in the towel is what you do when you are getting you are getting a whoopin. Which is I’m sure what the KWP is looking forward to.

    Cale: Do you thing the OVKC have enough paddling members to enter this event?


    King of the Clubs

    You are right changes made.

    KWPer’s don’t care about small things like that. We concern ourselves with the big picture. which is why we may not win a single event but will come in first over all.



    cale had it right the first time
    we use towels to clean things up,
    like the mess when we are done with kicking gkc butt and richards tears

    don’t cry poor little richard you can always join our club,



    ww are going to have so many people there, we had to start 5 other clubs
    the name are as follows


    old kwp – (mcCoy and company)
    funning shape boat club (Collin with two L’s)

    and last "clive extreme club"


    Kevin M

    You guys don’t have enough talent to spread yourselves so thin.

    Speaking of spreading thin, we shouldn’t hijack the OVKC thread.
    They need all the new members they can muster if they hope to put a team together for the Most important club event of the year.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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