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    I didn’t have ear plugs for the rolling clinic the four days ago and I still have water in my ears. Any suggestions on how to get it out? Are plugs the best answer? Any problems with hearing on the river? Pressure equalization with nose plugs on?

    Kelly <img src=:” title=”Question” />



    warm olive oil would work. You could also ask a pharmacist, there apparently are drops that you put in yer ear before you paddle that would do the trick.

    Hurry up, get the water out fast! I ended up getting a pretty nasty ear infection from the Ottawa a few weeks ago- they are NOT pleasant! If you have water festering in there a few days old chances are it’s pretty ripe – get it out of there!




    Hi Kelly,

    Water in my ears: I had this problem all the time before and kept getting ear infections. Now, after buying a product called Bursol at the pharmacy and asking the pharmacist what was in it, I make my own solution, way much cheaper and works just as effectively. I use a half alcool and half peroxide solution which I pour in each ear. The alcool will kill anything in there and the peroxide will dry your ears out. I also gently swab the inside of my ear (do so at your own risk!) to get the solution out quicker, but even if I dont swab, the ear, beacause of the peroxide, will dry out in a little bit. I haven’t had an ear infection in two years.

    As for your other posting, I will be at Champlain, around 1pm this Wednesday, for about 2 hours, if you need help with your basics.

    Hope this helps,

    Paul <img src=” title=”Cool” />


    Jenny Right-Side

    Another option, like Paul’s:

    50% rubbing alcohol
    50% vinegar

    It seems to work against the bacteria in the Ottawa.



    I get ear infections all the time, even had surgery for le tubes. I just got some ear plugs (the good kind that mold to your ear, not the putty ones). They work great. I also have Amoxocillan and Flonase which help. Watch out, if you ear gets plugged with water and you have a pressure change while under water or in cold water, it will throw your equilibrium off…I had it happen when I launched off the cliff at Elora, and I could barebly get my senses back to flip or bail….luckily the really dizzyness didnt kick in until I start paddling back…couldnt keep my self straight.



    There is a condition that is sometimes called “kayaker’s ear” or “surfer’s ear”.

    aka Exostoses of the External Auditory Meatus

    It involves bone growth and narrowing of the ear canal in response to extended exposure to cold water. It is a natural protective response in the ear but it leaves you prone to trapping water and infections.

    Anyone who has been boating for a lot of years, particularly in Canadian spring water (research says 10 years), is likely to be affected.

    Surgury is an option if infections are frequent and prolonged.

    Check this link:

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer … t=Abstract




    I’ve taken to using hydrogyn peroxide to clean my ears after each session. I also use it on my nose as well and it’s helped keep my sinuses clear.


    The Great Gonzo

    The best thing is to keep the water out in the first place. Doc’s proplugs work best I for me, they come in different sizes that make it easy to find one that fits your ears, keep the water out and since they are vented don’t interfere with your hearing.
    Boatwerks has them in stock.




    Sorry I have to weigh in again on this one.

    There’s lots of research out there on exostoses in the external auditory meatus (kayaker’s ear), mostly with surfers.

    I love this reference to treatment…mallet and chisel…yeow…kinda makes the ear plugs sound like a good idea.

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer … med_docsum

    This report reviews the authors’ surgical experience with 18 patients (27 ears) who have undergone surgical removal of exostoses. Their preferred surgical technique of transmeatal removal of exostoses with a specialized mallet and thin chisel under local anesthesia is described.




    for sure go with Doc’s Proplugs, the vented ones. Very comfortable, can wear them all day, and still hear well.



    Thanks for all the response. I never appreciated what a problem water in your ears can turn out to be. I tried the 50/50 solution of peroxide and alcohol – worked for me. I’m definitely getting ear plugs now.




    I get this every few years. Its probably due to build up of wax in your ears.
    Go to the pharmacy and ask them for wax softening drops. Put those in for 3-5 days. Then go to a walk in clinic and ask to get your ears syringed. It sounds nasty but they just pump warm water into the ear and the soft wax flows out.

    I do this about every 3-4 years so its not a big hassle. Its infinatly better than hearing yourself talk.



    Tyler Durden
    "khall":24p831h4 wrote:
    Thanks for all the response. I never appreciated what a problem water in your ears can turn out to be. I tried the 50/50 solution of peroxide and alcohol – worked for me. I’m definitely getting ear plugs now.


    You can also try Oil of Oregano for ear infections. I have no personal experience using it for ears but lots for sinus infections. Anyways, there was a thread/discussion on it before [url:24p831h4]http://www.boatwerks.net/boaterboard/viewtopic.php?p=8519&highlight=#8519[/url:24p831h4] . Here is a website for the product as well [url:24p831h4]http://www.joyofthemountains.com[/url:24p831h4].



    You’re exactly tight Tyler. Use Oil of Oregeano, Mullien and St. Johns Wort combo. It is from a company called St. Francis Herb Farm. I think they are actually located up in the Ottawa Valley. Do a google search.
    I recommend this product to all my clents. Antibiotics cover up the symptoms for a while…then they resurfice quickly….and usually occur more often. (see the previous post)
    Keep the Immune system modulated (boosted and consistant), and these symptoms will subside…and usually disappear. Take some probiotics (freindly intestinal bacteria) as well to help with the immune system.

    Sorry to get all non-paddling….it’s what i do when i’m not.




    I recently had a nasty ear infection, my doctor told me i should invest in some earplugs for cold water paddling. He also recomended that I put a couple drops of olive oil in my ears before paddling, just to keep the water out.


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