Papineau Creek

Once we got on the creeking train with Kahshe Creek, we decided to keep exploring. Unfortunately time was against us, since we still had to show up to work, and couldn’t creek until the following week… this meant water levels would be dropping. We had two options infront of us… Sharpes creek near Bracebridge, or Papineau Creek near Maynooth – which is pretty close to Moore Creek which claimed a few years ago.

On some advice from Ed (legend) we decided on Papineau – since it was likely there was no water in Sharpes by this point in time. So we headed to Papineau. Checking out some topo maps, and getting some information from Strano, we decided on our put-in and take out.

The first drop is a warm up Class II, with two small boofs.

Following this warm up, you run into the main event of the creek, Neuman Falls. Neuman is an interesting drop, roughly a 10 foot falls with a few major hazards including an undercut, strainer, and vertical pin potentail. The line was straight forward enough – a two stage hit to the bottom and some boogie water out.


Neuman was a great technical drop and a lot of fun. After Neuman we ran into a small class III slide, followed by some flatwater.

After this there was a long section of continuous class III until our take out. Unfortunately we took out at the highway, and only later did we discover from Strano that there was a pretty fun class IV drop after the take-out.

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