After the Sun Goes Down…

As opposed to just saying ‘here is this sweet video from our night paddle and check it out’ which would be easy and fast, I figured it’d be better to write up something with some actual substance. Namely the challenges of paddling at night.

So why bother going at night? It’s the same feature, the same water. More or less the same thing we do every day. The main reason is that it makes for a pretty unique experience. It’s probably a fair bit more difficult to paddle at night because you can’t focus correctly on anything – it’s all a blur. All your tricks go down a lot more by feel rather than sight. You can still see with the lighting, just not very well. If you’ve ever paddled at twilight you’ll know what I mean.

For one reason or another, it also attracts a huge crowd. (relative). There were maybe 20 people on-shore watching. Which is 20 more than normal. While some people shy away from paddling in front of others, there are more that love paddling for a crowd. Add in the coolness factor of it being at night, trying some sweet new combos and you’ve got a sweet play session on your hands.

So, check out the video:

The video is not really what I wanted… most of the good shots were really rushed and barely any time spent setting anything up since realistically we had one hour to film and the crew were going to throw their tricks whether the camera was rolling or not. So that also makes for some so-so shots. Good ideas, sloppily executed. Fortunately Tam was there not paddling and managed to capture some decent shots (all the clear and stable ones). I’m also really impatient if I want to go paddling. But, at the end of the night, the vid turned out alright.

I’d challenge anyone to film something better with zero prep time, one hour to shoot, and our calibre of equipment (mediocre at best).

But, obviously it was awesome to get out there at 10:30 at night, and we’re totally doing it again on the August long weekend!

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