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We’ve been busy this season at Boatwerks. Things are moving along quite smoothly at the shops and paddling school… but …

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Hali Creekings In!

Recent heavy rains have started bringing some of the local runs up. Most recently we hit the Hawk Lake log …

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The Busy Season

So… why hasn’t the blog been updated?

The truth is, we got into our busy season. August is a busy …

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Top Ten

Things to do at your local spot to keep things fun!


Well, were getting well into summer. The …

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Papineau Creek

Once we got on the creeking train with Kahshe Creek, we decided to keep exploring. Unfortunately time was against us, …

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Video Update #1

Highlights from Kahshe Creek and Terminator on the Gull!


Special Effects

Decided to mess around with some delay effects on some video. Here are the results!

Kahshe Creek

Back in early May we made a trip out to Kahshe Creek near Gravenhurst on the beta gathered from another …

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