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Open Gate

Cute offer for the rocks !

But not an option:

1st this is design mat’l, minimal size & strenght required, as per the design specifications (both environmental & structural…) and mostly part of the contractors present contract. Believe me, dealing with extras and the NCC can be very painfull for any contractor…

2nd, Cost – Mobilizing heavy machinery to your place +or- $250.00, then $120.00/hr for the work, then add $65.00/hr for transport / truck, each way, then place with heavy machinery at this end…You get the picture $$$.

Civil work, bulk of the cost comes from handling heavy volumes, not the price of mat’l…+ mid april to mid may is 1/2 load season, meaning you can place 10 metric tons in your regular truck vs 16 at regular times increasing your costs by 60%…

Keep on trying !