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C1 Kevin

I take everything Corran says with a grain of salt anyways.

and as far as marlows response, what do you expect guys, you have some egotistical hotshit that thinks he is the jesus of the paddling world…not that i know you, but from everything i have ever heard, and read… this is the way my perception is…. anywho… critizing something that a group of paddlers have put there heart and soul into for the last 12 months… and you basiclly tell them it’s pure shit, but oh…. it’s all good cause your good paddlers..

Some people like Terminator movies…. some people like watching the 35th version of Titanic with Leonardo De losero….

Everyone has different taste, and hey the internet was created so we could all bitch about it anyhow.

Sometimes it’s better to just keep your mouth shut isn’t it?