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Hi Marlow,

I’m sorry you took my review as a personal attack. It was everything except that.

As i said, my point was that you are ALL super talented, I LOVED your past movies, the teaser for Dynasty got me really excited, I saw you guys spending all that time and effort filming… and all this put together lead me to be extra dissapointed in the final movie, for the reasons I said.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I don’t think they were… I think you’re all capable of doing a better job, and that’s my point. if I didn’t think you were, I’d have said “Great Job, keep it up”.

My brother, who is a professional sound and audio man, and an experienced film editor, wrote a very harsh criticism of the Pororoca – not because he didn’t think it wasn’t a good film, but because he felt I could do better. His comments were harsh, but well thought out and good. They will help me make a better film next time.

Thats how I felt about you guys. I know you were not trying to make a TV documentary, but in the style you were trying to make, I honestly feel that you could all have done it better (and reactions from people to my review suggests that this is the general impression people have) – there is just too much raw tallent in your group!!!