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Tyler Durden
"Corran Addison":1svbp17w wrote:
Hey Dan

If we met and paddled together, I think you’d find I’m very different from who you think I am. The person you describe is who people who don;t know me, and have never spent any time actually talking to me, assume I am. Basically, the polar opposite of your assumptions <img loading=” title=”Wink” />

Come paddling one day… love tyo show you around my playground.


I will stick up for Corran on this one. I’ve made his acquaitance twice. First time was on the Gauley River a number of years ago (I think he was with Riot still). He did not know me from a hole in the ground but was totally open and friendly. In fact, he showed me the line down a couple of the rapids. However, he did annoy me a little by eating most of my cookies I had when I stopped for a snack. :lol:

Second time was awhile ago on the Ottawa River. In this case I paid for a play boating course he was running through Equinox Adventures. I spent two days with him (with a group as well) and again, friendly, friendly, friendly despite the fact he was being paid, you could tell he wanted to be where he was. However, he did hit on my girlfriend a few times over the weekend which kinda’ pissed me off at the time. :lol: