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"mmm_puddin":11esu7mm wrote:
i think of it this way, Corran thinks his boats are so good, but when was the last time u saw a Riot or draggo rossi win the worlds
thats all that needs to be said about the quality of those boats.

Corran i also think your comment about Bliss-Stick boats was uncalled for. if some one said something like that about your boats ud be all over them wanting an appology. Maybe you should think about appologizing to Bliss-Stick and Yappa for the comment.[/quote:11esu7mm]

Well, when was the last time a LL won the worlds? HUmmm….. :lol:

Fact is einning the worlds has absolutely no merrit at all… all it means is one of your paddlers decided to go. Nowdays, MOST of the top paddles like Fisher, Camblin, Long etc don;t even go to the worlds because they are a Joke. Ej shows up a month befpore and trains one routine day in and day out until he has it 100% wired to win. Awesome competitor, but hardly a indication of a boats performance. 1st thing I tell my athletes… “I don’t care if you ever go to a single competition”, and frankly, neither do they <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

As for my comment about Bliss Stick, well, as it happens people say that all the time (just in this thread Marlow said something nasty about my boats and I never even responded to that comment) and I never ask for an apology. It’s an opinion… if someone doesn’t like my boat, they don’t like it. Period. OK, if they say it weighs more than X boat, and I can refute that with fact I will, but “liking or disliking” is purely a subjective opinion – thats why there variety… different strokes.

I paddled the RAD and I hated it. I made a loose (ok, mayby underhanded, but still loose in passing) comment about the boat in the group (with LL paddlers, Dagger paddlers and Riot paddlers) and the imediate concensus was the same “Imagine what he would do”.

But if he likes it… cool. Different strokes… <img loading=” title=”Cool” />