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The Boatwerks Ramp was made to travel.

It disassembled into parts that would fit on a large trailer or 24 foot truck.

It was all wood except the lattice slide surface, which was plastic.

The over all height was a mere 16 feet. It was 8 feet wide and the angle of the slide was not far from vertical. If you look closely at some of the video shots you’ll see that some of the kayaks are not actually in contact at all during the first few feet after launch.

We set it up on various timbers and lumber using rocks etc. on the river bank.

It was overhanging the water on the occasion shown on this website. The set up on the dock at Wilderness Tours a couple years ago was not overhanging as the water at dockside was plenty deep.

The shape of the curve and kicker was modeled after the rocker profile of a Liquid Logic boat, I think the Pop or maybe Skip. Any of the current spud designs would give you an idea what that shape should be.

I have been asked for plans for this ramp perhaps 2 or 3 dozen times since Jeff and I built it. There never was a detailed plan, more of an evolving proccess during construction. If someone wants a detailed plan for that specific ramp I would be happy to create one for a reasonable price. It would take a few if not several hours to accomplish this.

Just so you know that ramp travelled between Minden and Beachburg twice and from Boatwerks to the Gull a couple times. On the trip back from Beachburg Justin had to cut one end off the frames to avoid being stuck roadside due to an MTO officer who charged him for an over width load.