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How about this:

Each river/playspot in the What’s Running section is linked to a ‘comments’ thread. This thread doesn’t have to be visible on the boaterboard or anywhere but from the link. That way you don’t need to check a 2nd board and it discourages conversations to start.

In this thread the first post should be made by the moderator and he can edit it to contain static info (ie: directions, prime levels) and the posts thereafter can be made to update new info (log jams, parking restrictions, ice flow…)…

The threads could be moderated by a separate moderator, or give permissions to the boaterboard mods, but should be kept up to date within reason… and bad posts can be exterminated.

It’d be nice to see a ‘New Post’ or something indicating that new info is available on the What’s Running page, so you only need to check the comments for a river if there is new info…

??? I think the question in the Poll is misleading, making people think there will be a whole new forum… a whole new forum isn’t really needed…