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"Joe P":twzu2wjg wrote:
Well I’m going to take it upon myself to record all the levels that I paddle different river at and keep a running tally so that I can have for my own information as well at to help you guys out with the features and the correlations. I’m also going to be taking pictures of the features. especially if there is only a single section or wave.

If there is anyway that I can help with this process to get it up and running just let me know.[/quote:twzu2wjg]

Feel free to forward me any info or reasonably sized pics and I will use them to update the “Whats Running” listings.

One of the reasons that I tru to keep the flows accurate is so that paddlers can begin to “log” their favourite runs: keep track of the nature of the run at different levels. If you ever need historical data for a run – what it was running on a certain date – I may be able to dig it up for you.