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Well – paddled it yesterday. It was mellow but fun. First wave easily fits 2 boaters with room to spin. The faster the boat the more you could fit on it.

Second wave – spins blunt backstabs cartwheels – soft and foamy. You could easily fit 20 boats on this wave. It connects with another one further towards the middle. Anyone want to go for a Guinness record?

As for getting in: the situation is pretty ugly now. You really cant put in on the rip-rap. Its brutally sharp. The ice shelf is pretty much gone, and I went into the drink trying to put in on whats left.

Bring some carpet or plywood or PVC – but dont make a mess and if your the last one leaving maybe try to tuck it out of plain sight. Hopefully Carole’s work will pay off but in the meantime you’ll want a temporary solution.

And Carole – when you;re speaking with the NCC. The gravel – pebble – stone and golfball size rocks that comprise the majority of that rip-rap is too small and I expect its gonna wash out. Maybe just bring it to their attention? Thanks for all your work on this.