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well i didn;t use the guys name, so its cool.
nothing to feel shitty about, it happens to the best of us. just use better judgement.

i think this guy had a buddy with him, so that was ok.
but if you dont know how to inwater resque, how is a buddy going to help you?

i cant tell people what to do. we all get better by pushing the limits.
its knowing how far you can push those limits thats key!

im not trying to scare anyone away form paddling! im just trying to remind you that in all sports, including kayaking, there are risks!
thats why all sports have rules, to make those risks as low as possible.

Kayaking, has risks, but we learn many ways that we can make it just as safe as playing in the sand. kayaking in spring, has those same risks, and a few more. so you need to add a few precautions to youre routine.

anywho, have fun paddling! be safe! and you’ll be fine!

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