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Open Gate

Hi all and tks for the replies,

As noted on my original post, I would NEVER do this without NCC AUTHORIZATION.
As for Champlain being busy, I’m glad to hear that some paddlers were lucky enough to paddle at rush hour without too much traffic but at this time of year this is an exception, for us guys with 7 to 5 jobs that does not give us much day light to play with.

As far as coast guard regulations…no I don’t have a flare in my boat or lights at each end and my PFD is not certified by them even though it meets all the standards(do you have ropes at each end of your kayak ???) so if their ever in trouble on a river, I’ll be glad to help them out :lol: They know their stuff out on the ocean but as far as river awarness WE are the experts (I do carry a throw bag, prussiks, carabiners, pullys, 1st aid kit, I am certified rescuer, 1st aider, have done many Z drags to help out others, always scout major rapids, set up safety ropes etc…)

I’ve paddled Champlain often when it’s optimal at 6:00am and 20:30, 21:00ish with minimal daylight and the ambiance is great that’s what got me thinking about night paddling. I have friends who ran the main on the Ottawa at night and they loved it !

Yes it’s only a dream but thought this would be the place to share it !

May be one day <img loading=” title=”Cool” />