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No one was hurt.

The problem is so silly its insane.

The park is owned by the feds. Passed off to the city of montreal, given to the City de Havre to manage. As such, nobody knows WHO is in charge of making decisions. So any attempt to discuss this with the city goes in circles “Oh, you need to talk to Mr X at Office Y. Call there…. OH,m no no no, you need to talk to Mt P from Office N. No no no, you need to talk to…. and in the end, notjing happens.

Because the park is federal, the city does not want to open it any longer than necessary as the city needs to pay for a security guard to be on site when its open. the city views park use as a summer activity – June to September, thus those are the months its open.

We have been trying to show the city that the park is used from march to Dec by fishermen, roller bladers, people walking thier dogs, kayakers and surfers, frisbee players, picknickers etc from April to oct, and in some cases march to dec. The problem is… WHO do we tell this at the city since nobody we contact “is the right person”… I’ve been on this since last summer and have gotten no where.

So the idea… make the :”right person” come to us. A little bad press, some emails to teh mayor, and suddenly this appears to be an issue that needs to be dealt with. Once we get the right guy on the line, we can discuss options.

Right now, we have anywhre from 10 to 30 cars trying to park illegally behind a gate where 6 cars can fit. The result is cars backed into traffic, accedents – a real liability. So, to limit liability, the city needs to stop this illegal parking, and have thus warned us anyone parkling will be towed. Rther than open the gate, they are going to enforce the no parking.

Surfers and kayakers are a small part of the problem… we’re outnumbered by rollerbladers and fishermen 2 to 1 who want access too.

Anyway… CBC is doing a story on this. So is the Gazette. Combined with emails from people, hopefully someone at the mayors office will perk up and say “What’s all this bad press about and why is it here, and lets put a stop to it”.