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"ThomL" wrote:
3. Make sure your hip-pads are not too tight. If your pelvis can’t spread out naturally, then it can pinch nerves.
4. Move the thighbraces around – I find it helps to have them mounted so that my knees are as high as possible in the boat.

I think it MAY be a hip pad problem……..The hip pads are pretty tight…..I’ll shave the foam down a notch behind the pads and see if that helps….

I actually adjusted the thigh braces (moved them back a little last night), and I’ll try it today and see if it feels better…..

You sometimes totally remove the foot box (pads) all together? This does not hinder the ability to do tricks (where you need to press on foot pegs)??

But, still, all good and sound advice I’m sure…….I’ve actually looked at the LL and Jackson foot systems……Think this would help???

Thanks for the help!! Much appreciated!! <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />