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"brian905":zxutuxmk wrote:
take out at the upper yough
easily class 4-5 class 6 when the hillbillies our out shooting[/quote:zxutuxmk]

I think maybe your thinking of my all time favorite take out the Big Sandy ? There is no place like it . Or should I say the old take out . Friends of Cheat have purchased the land an did a total make over an theres now a 2 tier ,stone. level parking lot . They did have a insident a couple weeks ago with a kid the drove a rig thru the gate closing the lower lot. I think it was a DEC officer/paddler who arrested him but it doesnt go far after that . The towns mostly kin an was probably built on incest . Actually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon I think those folks ripping it up down there are the town. The place is like deliverance . I cant wait to see what it looks like at the end of the summer.