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Many, many thanks to Jim for doing this. And I hope people pick up on the opportunity.

We are trying to protect the Kipawa River from agressive hydro power developers and from bureaucrats who can’t seem to understand the fundamental nature and importance of navigation rights granted to Canadians through the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA).

We’re in a fight here to protect a piece of the planet, a beautiful and valuable natural resource, and to protect our rights to experience and interact with that natural resource in a very personal way.

We would not be where we are today in that fight without Esprit Rafting. Several years ago, Jim started pulling his rafts out of his money-making operation on the Ottawa and bringing them up to the Kipawa to help us with the rally.

What that did for us was it allowed us to take people down the river who otherwise would never see it the way we see it…local people, who would then come to understand the value of the river.

In 2005, more people rafted the river than ran it in canoes and kayaks.

Now Jim has offered to take a fanancial hit on his operation at the rally and direct all of the proceeds to our legal costs.

Our legal cost are substantial. I spent 20 hours with our lawyer last week alone. Anyone who has ever had to pay a lawyer, knows that legal help does not come cheaply.

The Ottawa law firm of Jewitt-Morrision is giving us an incredible discount because they care…their motto is “We Fight The Good Fight”. The lawyer they’ve made available for our case, Rob Monti, is a boater who has run the Kipawa, so he knows what we’re talking about.


And years from now, when the polar ice caps have melted and your grandchildren ask “what did you do for the environment?” you can say “well I helped protect the Kipawa River.”

This is important folks. Please make an effort to support Jim’s fund-raiser.