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The letter from the dam owner confirming the water release was in French. After a rough translation into English, it reads a little crypticlly.

Here’s my spin…

– The water release is certain.

– The existing gate(s) will be in operation.

– We are currently in a legal contest with the dam owner over navigation of the river through the gates.

– Neither side wants to complicate the legal issues through a physical confrontation in Laniel.

– We will NOT be able to access the river over land through the construction site.

– The river WILL be accessible in Laniel in some way, no need to put in at the park and skip Rock and Roll.

– If the chute through the gate can be navigated safely (keep in mind it is a construction site), then I expect that people will run it. I also expect that the dam owner will respect our historic navigation practices, given the fact that we are currently asking the federal court to review their decision to deny navigation of the river through the chute at the dam.

– We understand that a river access trail is being constructed on the north side of the river, because the Municipality of Laniel asked for it, but we don’t know if that has been done yet. As an access point for river-runners, it is completely inappropriate and will create a lot of difficulty because there is no parking over there and its a bit of a hike…across the bridge and down the highway. We don’t know the status of this because the dam owner is not communicating with us on any of the impacts their project will have on our activity (with the exception of the one letter confirming the water release).

As we get closer to the date, we will have an opportunity to inspect the site. I will be there the weekend before doing some prep work at Scott’s.

We will make sure everyone who arrives for the rally has the all the information available about the impact of the construction site in Laniel.


The 20th annual Kipawa River Rally is on.