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If your floatbags are formed around the rear bulkhead than they should stay in if not you can glue them in or clip them to your seat if it has loops at the bottom. I wouldn’t go drillin holes in yer boatski for some floatskis that’ll cause some leakskis.

Usually floatbags displace water in such a way that they almost hold themselves in especially if they are behind the seat
wid ah dat bidness back tying your anus in ( sorry I meant backband)
But if you get a pair of incompetent airbags you might have to knock them around and tell em whose boss
get innnnn there you
get back
I said sit now…
Good bag heres a cookie and some glue

front bags I’d gueess the bulkhead would hold it in if you tied them around it

Dunno if that was helpful but I have too much time on my hands and not enough Physio till I can paddle