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"mmm_puddin":2dhxa5s0 wrote:
Laura is the Bliss Stick Dealer in Canada….you can contact her at[/quote:2dhxa5s0]

or you could buy a used boat or buy a brand new one through me or any other BS team member around, or order straight off the website.

for some reason i can’t send to your email man, i’ll try adn get some pics tp you soon, i’m in the bahamas right now, but the boats in ottawa adn maybe my roomate could snap a pic or two for you, its a year adn a bit old, last years outfitting, in good shape, a bit of and oilcan, adn one small (size of a dime) dent from a friendly rock, otherwise sweet ace.

if you email me from now on I’ll just respond to you with the Boatwerks Private message dealy, and i’ll try and get some pics stat!