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about surfer ears


A doctor just look at my ears 3 days ago… and I ask about that to finally learn that I suffers from surfer ears.

I had many ear infection in the pass but it’s not the same. Surfer ears is a way foy your body to protect your eardrum (tympanum) against the cold water. Calcium try to build like a new bone to make a fence in front or your eardrum. You don’t need a shock or pressure, only the cold water.

In my case, I have 3 small bumps in each ears (really small, just the beginning) but I still have some hearing loss since the last few years! So imagine if I don’t do nothing about it!

I paddle a lot in cold water since the last 13 years (I live in quebec city), I use a neoprene lid in spring season but still…. Now, you can make sure I buy some Doctor proplug for the season

Think about it! Me I’m gonna make the move

see you on the river