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Cliche but make lemonade when….

Tyler Durden

life gives you lemons…..I detect a little whining in your post…..why don’t you pick up another sport until your shoulder is better and look at this as an opportunity? When I broke my 5th meta carpal head (aka 5th knuckle) I went back to kick-boxing (just on the bag obviously) for the summer. This allowed me to perfect every single one of my kicks….I was actually thankful for the opportunity in the end.

On another note….are you certain surgery is the answer?? Is this what your doctor told you? I would go for at least one other opinion, or at least look at other less invasive options…..have you talked to a physiotherapist? Massage Therapist? Both can give you strengthening programs for the rotator cuff muscles which play a large role in holding the humerus in the glenohumeral joint.