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Corran’s flicks vs. YGP’s

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This is my [b:1m9dtg0y]honest[/b:1m9dtg0y] opinion. It’s not meant to be constructive. It’s just an opinion —

I think Corran’s movies suck. I haven’t seen Pororoca yet and maybe it’s good, but I’ve seen the rest and I thought they were all lame.

YGP’s films are sweet — sick footage at sick locations. They achieve what they set out to. They get people psyched on paddling. On top of that, they get so much better every time. Criticizing them for being plotless paddling porn is liking saying a comedy movie didn’t have enough drama. C’mon. I will say, though, that Pat’s brief little commentary in Dynasty was super gay, and so was Rush’s.

I’m not trying to slag anyone. This is what I think.

On another note, Bliss-Stick’s boats are definitely way better than anything DragoRossi has come out with to date. I’ve paddled both. The Thruster looks like a nice design but if it has the same uncomfortable and incredibly heavy outfitting as ever, then it will still be a bad boat.

Drago hulls still flex as much as any boat’s hull. The boats are not worth what they cost.

Again, just my honest opinion.

— NM

PS I am friends with the YGP lads, and I don’t really know Corran Addison, [i:1m9dtg0y]and[/i:1m9dtg0y] I probably wouldn’t have bothered to write this if it wasn’t for Corran’s ridiculous post, but it’s still my honest opinion all the same.