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Drag and Crooked…


Yo guy,

Crooked is basically T-Bay’s version of Crowe Bridge, but levels can be good all year round… IMHO, the waves at Crooked are more exciting than Crowe Bridge, since the lower two waves a little more munchy at high levels… The smooth green wave of Crooked, comparable to the upper bridge wave at Crowe Bridge, is called the ‘sex wave’… It’s definitely a better wave than the bridge wave… Scenery is better too!

On [b:ntl3090t]’Bobbie’s Cool Play Spot-O-Meter'[/b:ntl3090t], Crowe Bridge is a 7.5/10, and Crooked is an 8/10. (Where Earl’s on the Gull, flowing at 8.3, is a 6/10, Parkhill at 200cms is a 7/10, and Garburator at -2 is a 9/10.)

The Drag River in Haliburton is a wicked class 3-4 (5?) creek run flowing into downtown Haliburton. It has three sections, of which I’ve only paddled the middle section (which was super-fun, but short). It can only be run during spring flows… I would call the middle section a reasonable class 4 (if you consider any of the Beaver or the Irvine to be class 4, then 4, otherwise call it 3). Apparently the upper section and the lower section are even bigger, and were referred to by a very experienced paddler as class 4+ (whatever that means).

Here’s a great link for researching crooked:



I should add… It’s actually really hard to compare anything to the third wave at Crowe Bridge… That’s a pretty cool wave… I haven’t been to Lachine, but I’m guessing it’s similar?