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Fun little creek if you’re in the Haliburton area (eg. Gull) and looking for a diversion. Short run…less than 2 kms. First rapids loses a lot of elevation in some cool drops and slides (probably class 4+). Some long flats follow broken by a few easy rapids (class 2 or 3). When you get to a footbridge you enter a small narrow canyon similar to those on the Black and Beaver. Scout this…there is a large tree down in here but it can be avoided. Some very cool moves (Class 3/4). Finally, cross under the road and run the dam in town…should be named Superboof or Autoboof…big air and huge grins!! Best part, a 1 min. walk to McKecks for an apres paddling beverage!

Put-in: Drive out of town heading east toward Bancroft on Hwy 121. While driving up a steep hill, look for a road on your left called Fred Jones Rd. Turn left and drive for about 1.5 kms. The road will obviously fork at one point….stay left . It ends almost immediately in a turn around. Park here and please get dressed discreetly. The dam and put-in is just over the hill.

Take-out: Right in town almost directly across from the Liquor Store. Listen for the roar of the water through the dam.