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Hey all,

Personally I really enjoyed New Reign and Dynasty, probably my fav kayaking movies. From my background you could see why. Before I got into paddeling I was (still am) heavily into snowboarding and skateboarding. When I saw New Reign it blew my mind that people were doing this stuff in kayaks thus I went out to my local Outfitter and picked one up! (well, it wasn’t that easy… :lol: ) And have now been paddling for two seasons and love it. Maybe being 18 makes me bias but like mentioned before I like the action packed flicks, like you would see on a MackDawg Productions snowboard movie. Not to say I don’t like films like Valhalla or wicked liquid but when I want to show one of my boarding buddies some kayaking i’m going to throw in New Reign. <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />
Good Job YGP