Return to Any1 in Toronto/Missisauga with a CR 125 or EZG 2 try out?



I ffound that these particular boats, as well as the Dagger Rx have quite limited footroom. This is because the boats becomes so narrow at the bow and forces you to adopt a pointed toe position. For me, this position is not great. Once you get vertical, it really puts a lot of pressure on the feet. However, if you are not crammed in, you’ll have plenty of room to do some decent outfitting and make it comfy. Also, if you don’t have really long legs then your feet will not be so far forward. Basically, you should try to paddle the boats and not just sit in one (if at all possible). My EZG was comfy to sit in, and painful to paddle. You should make the drive to boatwerks and demo the CR125 and some other boats. Also, FWIW, I tried the Largest EZG and the big CR and the CR is hands down more comfortable (to sit in – still killer on the feet for me to paddle). If I was to choose between the two, I would go CR. You should consider the dagger Rx as well though if you are fitting comfortable in these river running play boats. It was too small for me, but it looks like a good design.