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gReAt AdViCe


Thanks alot for the advice ppl. You all are making this sport seem that much more fun.
I jumped in head first today and picked up a riot booster 60. Took it in the water for all of but 2 minutes to make sure i feel comfortable and the guy who sold it to me told me he’ll let my girlfriend try out his wifes boat on sunday just to see if she likes the sport.
I’m absolutely STOKED to join this sport. I’ve been looking long and hard for something to take over my woes during the warm season when snowboarding is impossible. I went white water rafting on the may long weekend and saw some of the rodeo and i KNOW this is the sport i’ve been looking for.
THanks again everyone.
Anyone looking to sell a PFD? i got the skirt, brain bucket, and paddle but nothin to make me float.