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Hey Jenny….

Tyler Durden
"Jenny Right-Side":3777duxq wrote:
My injury occured almost 3 years ago, while I was biking across Canada. I went through physio through work, physio outside of work, and chiro + ART.
I finally was told that surgery was the only option and went under the knife last spring. They cut and removed an impinged fat pad and plica, and I was told I would recover quickly. I went back to the physio clinic through work (I’m in the army) and observed slow results. I started going to an Athletic Therapist in town where I was seeing better results, but wasn’t covered in my health insurance through work (the army didn’t want someone outside of their circle messing with me). I was referred to a “recognized” physio clinic at Carleton University, and I was just discharged about a month ago with the statement “there has been no improvement, in fact we believe you have gotten worse since you came in”.
My knee aches every day. I can’t run or bike without sharp pain. I have gained weight.
I have another appointment with the surgeon next month to find out what to do next. But I don’t think putting my mind to it in this case is going to offer any benefit. I have been trying everything I know for the last 3 years to be back on my feet.
The only positive of all this, is it led me to kayaking! <img loading=” title=”Smile” />
Maybe I’ll have to spend my days sitting in a plastic boat from now on!

Have you tried acupuncture? It won’t fix the problem but some people get very successful results in regards to symptomatic relief when other modalities don’t bring much relief. I strongly recommend you give it a try….it might be a nice alternative to popping pills (I’m guessing you are taking NSAIDs for relief???)….if it helps it will give your liver & kidneys a break.