Return to Perception Carolina 145 vs Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145

Hey Joat…


I have emailed your questions to the Dagger and Wilderness System rep. Hopefully he will respond shortly.

I have personally paddled the Carolina series by Peception and have found it to be quite high-performance, fast and nimble on the water as well as easy to maneuver.
I also really like the inflatable lumbar option on the seat…really comfy!

I haven’t paddled the Tsunami series so I can’t give you an accurate read on what they are like.

My best advice would be to wait and try them both as it is a fair investment you are looking at making into your playtime on the water.

I also have a demo in the Carolina 13.5 up here in Minden if that helps you at all.

Also have you considered the Necky Manitou 14 at all? I have a demo in this model as well which is a super nice kayak by any standards.

Check it out:

Cheers, Jeff <img loading=” title=”Smile” />