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Hey, thanks for the boat! Did you try the Big Wheel?

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Hey Robertz,

Had a blast with the Air 60 on the Ottawa! Great boat on a big wave like Waikiki! I was able to get speed down the wave like never before! It was also really stable in the squirrely big Ottawa flow… I didn’t find the stern squirty or excessively edgy at all! No problems with the stern, and it works just fine in a back-surf for me!

My only complaints… It’s a heavy boat, and the massive volume around the cockpit seems to either make rolling really hard, or just a lot different from the Big Wheel. Seems I have to really lean back towards the stern, since I can barely reach the surface trying to wrap my arms around the cockpit… I’m used to rolling while tucked forward…..

Did you find you had to lean back to roll well?

Anyhow… Unless I can get my rolls a little snappier, and while tucked forward, I don’t think I’ll be taking it down any rocky class IVs… Too much face scraping potential… I actually swam after my 20th-ish surf on Waikiki when I missed 4 rolls…. I have to mention that because Deemo will anyways if he sees this post :roll:

Excellent trade! Hope you’re happy with the Big Wheel too!

Thanks again,


(Looks like I still need a river-runner or creeker… Have to sell the Super-Ego for some cash or trade…<<< mini-promotion)