Return to Parkhill today?

I don’t really know…

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Hey Mano,

I think it would be washed out by now, but I’ve never actually gone to see… I haven’t bothered to go because I’ve heard that it’s either washed out or too hard to get on above 200.

In actuality, it’s not hard to get on the wave from 200 to 230 if you’re not scared of losing your teeth… Based on the chart, we got there when it was around 215ish, it dropped to 210ish, then climbed to at least 230 before we left… It was possible to get on the wave the entire time, but very, very intimidating. The ONLY way was to charge the concrete like a Mongol Horde, then worm your way around the foampile onto the wave. Once on the wave, it was great… Just as good as 180-200.

I’d love to paddle tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday… Anywhere… Just say the word, and I’m there!