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I have run the small section that runs across Hwy#62.

There is a small road just past the actual run named something Church rd. This small road takes you up about a kilometer and across a small one lane bridge that crosses the run upstream.

It is a low-volume spring only run with some fun little continous class 3 to 3+ section with lots of wood…so keep an eye out. If there is a pile of rain and snowmelt caught on the right day…this run can pump.

The take out is just after the bridge on Hwy #62. Papineau is a short run with a good opportunty to fo multiple runs and walk the shuttle.

Not really a destination, but if you are driving by and it is spring…. a must do. Creekboats are a good idea

I have heard a rumor about a big 20ft or 30ft waterfall upstream of the hwy #62 section…never looked into it though.

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