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However the situation is delt with, it would be great to keep the “locals” on our side. I like the idea of getting more of them the opportunity to get interested in whitewater.
Depending on how they may be aproached, any kid in the area that is bored and looking at stealing from a vehicle could just as easily be turned into a pissed off kid that likes to slash tires or break windows. Who of us will win that battle he/she that live right there and can get easy access to the parking area on a bike or those of us that drive at least an hour to get there, jump out of our nice vehicles and into our fancy equipment, play on the water then drive back to wherever we came from?
If the local kid has any interest in kayaking etc. but has no funds to get invollved in the sport the partnership mentioned by Hipnazi sounds like a great opportunity.
Over the time I have been kayaking I have noticed that the little bit we as a group say to any local can have a very positive or negative effect on how they view all of us.

About the cop comments. I dont like to be pulled over either but after working dispatch for the OPP my thoughts when hearing sirens quickly went from

Somone is in S#%T !!
Help is on the way!!

(although when the lights and siren are behind the GTP I quickly know it me thats in S#%T !!)

Kevin Forrest