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Kayakers could learn a thing or two from climbers…

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I totally agree with Corran.

What’s more, I’d say it’s endemic of kayaking films (not having continuity, having sh*tty music, and just generally having awesome footage, but otherwise sucking).

I prefer kayaking to climbing, but I’ve gotta say, kayakers could learn a thing or two about making movies from Josh Lowell. Granted, Lowell himself can be a bit of a dork (see Dosage 1), but his filmmaking is way, way, WAY beyond anything in kayaking.

Quite frankly, pro kayakers lack the urban-chic of hardcore climber/boulderers like Sharma… Lindgren can’t make a movie like Lowell, and generally, kayaking films have pretty mediocre music…

You may think I’m being too harsh and generalizing, but consider… Kayaking should have way more human interest than climbing… The risks and difficulties are obvious, and mother-nature conspires to make kayaking cool on film… Maybe multi-pitch climbing has some awe-inspiring shots, but probably the best climbing footage I’ve ever seen is Sharma on ‘Witness the Fitness’ in the Ozarks… Bouldering… The coolest parts are 3-feet from the ground… The only advantage over kayaking is that it’s easy to get camera angles…

Get a copy of [i:33w3hwx2]Dosage 3[/i:33w3hwx2] and see what I mean….. You will be blown away by how much better a production it is than any kayaking film you have ever seen… The interviews are captivating, and you really become interested in the people….. It could partly be that people like Tim Emmett, and Chris Sharma are just better speakers than the average pro kayaker…..

And I really do like kayaking better! Makes me want to get into the business of producing kayaking films!!! Seriously!!! Too bad I didn’t study film at Ryerson U… :roll:

As for the ‘I don’t care, I love kayak porn’ crowd… The same great footage can be made even more intense by having the right build-up, and even a few (short) comments by the paddlers… Even if the comment is like ‘yeah, that was pretty sick…’, then cut back to action…..