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The Great Gonzo


I cannot confirm the Kipawa flowof the last 3 days, but when we tried to run it 2 weeks ago it was a trickle because of construction.
According to one of the workers on site who we talked to they seem to use divers on and off to do some underwater work, in which case they will completely close off the dam. The river is not runnable any more at minimum flows :cry: . Due to this random shutting on and off of the river it is therefore entirely possible that the flow was 150 cms overthe weekend, since there was most likely no construction work going on.
If anyone plans to run the Kipawa, it may be a good idea to check the on-line gauge before leaving. Also count on not being able to put-in anywhere in the vicinity of the dam and having to put in at the abandoned highway side park a few kilometers North of town and thus not being able to run Rock n roll.
If no one is present at the construction site and one decides to run the dam, be aware that there may be some debris in the water below the dam.