Return to Mill Waves or Parkhill tomorrow morning @ 9:30am

Meet @ Mill Waves parking.


Yo Yuro,

I checked Google maps, and it’s definitely shorter for me to take 401 than QEW to Glen Morris (107kms vs. 131kms).

Since we’re coming from the opposite direction, we should definitely meet at the put-in. I’ll have my cell with me, and I’m guessing you will too… Should be easy. The River Beta site has excellent directions:


I’ll do my best to make it for 9:30am… I’ll leave at 8am, but traffic could F’ me up…

Hopefully Mano will join us, especially if we do the Gorge afterwards! I’ve done it at 35cms and 60cms, but I never saw anything that looked sketchy enough to call the Troll Hole. I think Mano ran it at 120cms last year… (It’s at 193cms right now :shock: )