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Looks like the river is running at 60 right now.

The holes on the upper Irvine will be really meaty. The three ledges will be river wide and you will want to scout them carefully.

Never ran the dam so I’m not sure what to tell you except the anyone ending up in the hole at the base of the dam would be in really big trouble. No good places to rope someone out and the base has a man made wall 8-10″ a few feet out from the falls. It would make swimming out of the hole very difficult. It also appears that the falls itself is a few feet away from the wall creating a hole behind the curtain. That would also suck. Nothing to worry about if you run it like the guys did on the video. It is very shallow though.

I would suggest checking the bottom of the triple drop before you run. No chance to scout once you are in the gorge section and it could get jammed with ice or trees. This is probably going to be a bad year for downed trees we have a lot of broken trees around town. I’m sure some will find their way into the river.

They are only releasing 4 from the dam right now so the Grand river will be low. Good news is that there is 166 coming in. It won’t take long for them to release water. If you notice the shand dam releasing at 60 you owe it to yourself to check out the play waves in downtown Fergus. They were amazing but we only managed to hit them once at that level.

Have fun but the there will be lots of stuff to watch out for . The gorge will have lots of falling ice as well.

Gee don’t I make it sound like fun.