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Myths about mods dispelled!

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Howdy all,

Glad to see that everyone is getting a good look at the mod pic’s. I would ask everyone to keep an open mind and come to the Gull for a paddle before passing judgement on the KOM Corner!

I am now paddling a C1 vision and have had no problems making the attainment up to the Otterslide eddy and wave. Having done this, a seasoned Canoeist should have no problem making this move.

This wall really only comes into play at lower lake levels…at which point the attainment wasn’t even possible… and when the lake is up the wall is under water…so it really hasn’t affected too much in terms of non-play paddling as far as I can tell.
Come on up and catch a surf on the wave at the bottom, it was really sweet last night <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

Cheers, Jeff

Ps: I am pretty sure that there was minimal loss to the crawfish population and dragonfly larva’s, when we were moving rocks we hardly saw any of these little creatures :lol: