Return to Looks like no or limited paddling for me this season.

No cyborg body for me!



Yup, it’s been a great way to procratinate!

Although… I wouldn’t say my thoughts are based entirely on subjective experience. I was certified as a personal trainer (CanFitPro), but I haven’t worked as a P-T in 4 years. If you’re 80% textbook and 20% personal experience, I’m probably 20% textbook and 80% personal experience.

As for cyborgness, I’m quite happy being 100% human. While I’ve got tons of ‘young’ left in me, I’m looking forward to being old, crotchety, and able to moan and groan with impunity someday :lol:

Colin, Jenny, and anybody else with a new or old injury,

Put your mind to it, and take advantage of the services you pay for with your taxes and insurance premiums! We get coverage for all kinds of stuff, and it costs the govt. way less than paying for a triple heart bypass!

Be healthy,