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I don’t see how you can differentiate between one type of foreign substance and another. If your snorting anything on a numerous times daily basis you are probably harming yourself.

For what it’s worth I’m trying the Oil of Oregano method short term. I have had sinus issues for years due to my woodworking habits. Combined with paddling and some mild alergies, this is a constant, however intermitant problem.

I have used Flo-nase to ease the pain of a very dry sinus, with success and no obvious side effects. That being said daily, ongoing use is not gonna happen.

Same for the Oregano, short term use only, if it works I’ll be more pro-active about keeping water and sawdust out.

Not a knock on holistic, homeopathic or other alternative medicines, just keep in mind you can poison yourself, or damage things just as quickly with so called “natural” treatments as with any of the modern, western world medicines.

It’s interesting that at least one poster has used language and analogy to illicit / illegal drugs. Many if not most of these substances are natural in origin yet they wreck people in all kinds of outstanding ways.

Moderation, common sense and prevention!!!!!!!!!!!