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Tyler Durden

Hey Bobbie,

My perception stands on a greater body of information that is for the most part shared by most “rehabilitation” professionals. 80% of the information I presented here was gleamed from textbooks and 20% from my own experience treating people.

On the other hand, 100% of your opinions are based on your own individual
experience with rehabilitation and 0% on formal training or “care giver” experience.

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not going to follow you down this new path and debate the merits of your own personal belief system, because that would be folly and too personal. My goal from the beginning was to present objective information. I did not make any of this stuff up.

Honestly, I’m glad you have such strong beliefs (not enough people do in this world)…..I share them, just to a lesser extent. Moreover, I’m glad you don’t “regret a thingâ€