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Yes, you may help.

It is almost certain (as in any day now) Les Amis … will do something.

It might, for example,l file an application in Federal court for a judicial review of the EA process and NWPA approval.

Then again, it might not.

PWGSC regularly reviews this site. Mr. Gilles Brasseur, PWGSC, is that
EA PROJECT MANAGER. His is an open boater, I’ve seen a photo of him side surfing Phil’s Hole on the Ottawa. Funny that he should say running the Kipawa through the Dam Sluice is dangerous, its much much safer than that stunt.

We MIGHT/PROBABLY/COULD need money for court fees, processes, expert legal opinion. Find your friendly lottery winner and ask for a few $ just in case.

And get the paddling community involved with some political action apart from the legal processes. Protest, write letters, contact the media, speak out, just as you’ve done. The reason? the design of the south gates and their operating protocols are not going to be permanently affected until the new gates are constructed.

Not to be forgotten, write the Mayor of Laniel, plead with these guys, and convince them of the economic and esthetic value of keeping that awesoe whitewater playground for the future, usuable long after the logs and trees are gone form Temiskamings forests, when people will continue to drive six hours from Northbay, from Sudbury, from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto just to feel that tongue slip away before them in anticipation of the reactionary wave at the bottom.

I can feel the adrenaline just talking about it.

We’re talking posters, sit in’s in the MOT offices, “HELL NO WE WON”T GO” stuff. Get your local chapter of the Raging Grannies involved. Shame them. And while you are at it, the Sierra Club, David Suzuki, Margaret Atwood, Albert Shultz, and so many more who could help us if they were but instilled with our passion.

Thanks for those words of support. We’ll all go on to fight the good fight, for the PUBLIC GOOD and for the Glory of running rivers like the magnificent KIPAWA. VIVRE Le Riviere Kipawa LIBRE! IT is, after all, our National Heritage. We should pass this right down to our children in perpetuity.

Join Les AMis at the 20th Annual Rally this June 23,25 St. Jean Baptiste weekend. Convince your friends to raft with Momentum and Esprit. Talk OWL into rafting along with Widerness Tours and many more.

Folks this is our last stand. If they can take the Kipawa Away from us, it will be your pet rapid going next, why… because its too dangerous, and exposes the crown to excess liability.

Bull shit.