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"Bobbie":1vhievkl wrote:
Yo Deemo,

I’m in for tomorrow morning… I have to work from 7:30am to 8am, and then I can head to Cambridge… I have to be back at work from 3-5pm, so this will work out perfectly! Besides… Judging from how dark it is outside now (6pm), I’d rather be there in the morning.

I figure I’ll get there around 9:15-9:30am. Traffic shouldn’t be too bad, since I’ll be leaving the city.

The flow rate spike has slowed down, but the upper river is still rising… I’m hoping it’ll start going up again overnight… If not, maybe the Gorge will be up… We could always shoot up to the Gorge for a quick run if Parkhill is crappy <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

Sound good?


Rob, its a plan… Ill be there for 9… wohooo, finally i get to paddle