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Re: Dunno

"Jon":17urwvkp wrote:
River left just below the old wall, last year there was a really sharp fast current differential where I learned to trust my cross forward OC1 stroke. The move from river right beside the Otter slide to river left where the wall is and forms a pool was a sweet move too. Now it looks like all we have is another place for kayaks to do donkey flips or whatever. Definitely looks like a more surfable wave, but what has been lost in the porcess?[/quote:17urwvkp]

Yeah – there goes the cool atainment back up into the Otterslide eddy. I’m a lefty so I can’t say it did anything for my offside stroke, though! On the other hand the surf wave looks nice. Life is a trade-off. I just wonder if the new “retaining wall” will survive the ice next spring. Is the little hole on the left side of the current still there?