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The Great Gonzo
"Corran Addison":gxyfy710 wrote:
I’ve been asked to review Dynasty by several people, so here goes.

I friend of mine bought it and brought it over. Watch this he said… looking bleak. Tell me what you think. he sounded disappointed.

So let me start off like this. I know all the guys. They are all fantastic paddlers. Awesome paddlers. Mind blowing paddlers. The film had a huge budget. Helicopters, jet ski’s, cars. They travelled all over the world to shoot it over quite a long time. They were trying hard to get original shots, and interesting shots. They had everything that was needed to make a spectacular film.

I was wholly disappointed. I think Underwhelmed is a good way of putting it. The film has no flow to it. No story. No continuity. Its a selection of random shots thrown together in what looks like took two years to collect, and 2 days to edit. There is no story at all. Nothing to tell me where they are, who is there, why that person is in the film, what made that place so special and worthy of being in the film. The shots themselves fall short of really showing the caliber of paddlers in the film. After a few minutes I lost all interest and could barely keep watching. It was like watching a film about ice skating and all you see are the jump spins for 30 minutes, shot in 10 counties, 30 different rinks, and everything except the spins taken out, and no rhyme or reason to the shots that are used; no rythem, or continuity or flow. It was repetitive to the point of agony.

There was so much I would want to know. Who is Anthony Yap? He rips. But he’s passed over in an instant – 10 aerial twirly moves in a row and bam… on to the next name. Who is he? Why is he so good. Why haven’t we heard of him before? Really disappointing.

They are extremely talented paddlers, they had the budget, and went to the locations, to make a film that should give In Flux a run for its money, but instead what we have is 30 minutes of incoherent, random kayak footage slopped together. Despite all efforts, and money, to get original footage (original angles and perspectives or awesome places), most of the film is stock and trade, and the truly great shots are so randomly spliced into the rest of the randomness that they go completely unnoticed and unappreciated. All this is edited to equally repetitive and unoriginal rap and hip hop music that bombards you for the 30 minutes you have to sit through it.

Now I understand my freinds reaction. Dynasty gets a 10 for the paddlers who are in it, and a 2 as a film worth watching. It’s unfortunate because the collective potential of this group is second to none.


I have to agree with Corran here, that is actually an issue I have with many paddling videos I have seen, too many of them are edited like video clips, no continuity, just a long line of (although great) short clips.
Two favourite paddling movies are still ‘The Adventures of Johnny Utah’ and ‘End Game’, and both of them have a great story line to them.