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"tyensen":11fihofc wrote:
Okay, the gauge is very nice, but what level is Hass hole in and does it differ for the wave?


There are several different play features at Snake Rapid – the rapid that is commonly called Hass. Here’s a breakdown (as best as I can remember)

65-75: Good level for the steep green wave just downstream from Hass hole. This wave has a steep green face for surfing and a small foam pile for doing vertical moves. The foam pile is much more retentive than it looks.

75-90: Good level for Hass hole – the small hole that is right against the river right eddy line. Much above 90 and it starts to wave out.

100-120: Miss April shows up. This is the front feature on the river right channel. It consists of very fluffy, flat foam pile (mini Angel’s kiss) next to a slow green face. Although not aerial capable, this feature is a hoot – playable probably 15′ wide.

Above 120: I believe that Miss April starts to green out, and Centrefold – the shallow hole in the centre channel, starts to get good.

All these levels are relative. Anything over 80 cms on the gauge usually has some significant flow (10-20 cms) coming in from Snake creek just above the rapid.